About Us

Hello love! 
  My name is Nicole and I’m one of the founders of The Bloom Exchange Co. As a small business owner myself, my passion is to see small businesses bloom! In addition to The Bloom I am also a macrame artist. I started my own small business, Woven Oak Design, in November of 2019 after the encouragement of one of my best friends. I first discovered macrame on Facebook Marketplace. Someone posted a listing for a macrame plant hanger and I immediately thought “hmm I could do that!” I looked up some tutorials on YouTube, ordered some super cheap cord off of Amazon and the rest was history! When I’m not knotting, you can find me spending time with my loved ones, supporting other small businesses and sipping some coffee or chai tea from a local coffee shop.




Hello! My name is Kailee Bracken. I am 29 years old and I was born in Wisconsin. My whole life I was never satisfied at the regular 9-5pm, so when covid hit and I was out of a job I turned my dreams into a reality. I now get to work for myself making fun jewelry along with encouraging others they can do the same! You don’t have to be make something in order to be creative. Starting your own lawn business, hair salon or anything you dream can be considered creative. It’s the way you look at it, making it your own thing! On days off I like to hike, spend time with my husband, friends and my dog. You would probably not know this from talking to me, but I am an introvert! I love Olipop, tamales, and making my own sourdough.